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Floreat Wesley Square - Jubilee Coat of Arms
Carl Frederick Cheek ARCA
1927 - 2011
Sick Stool 01        Stick Stool 02
Stick stool sitting on the tree from whence it came - the Silver Birch from no. 9.
The tree had a disease - hence the "spalting". 
Birch are badly hit by drought - and we've had too many long periods of no rain.
Made & photographed by Murray J.
Grenfell 30 month anniversary 01        Grenfell 30 month Anniversary 02
Grenfell on 30 month anniversary from the Garden
Taken by Sarah E. on 14th December 2019
Brighter K&C Awards 2019
14/11/19 Brighter K&C Award for Best Garden Square in North of Borough
Joint 1st Prize with SAS.
 Joanna tree 2Joanna Tree 1
Joanna Campling Plaque
Memorial Tree Planting
Azara lanceolata
Taken by Anna G. & John M. 8th September 2019
Joanna Tree 3Joanna Tree 4
Joanna in 2007
At 2007 Garden Party
Presentation on retiring as Chair
Feted by Chris B. and Judith with deputy Mayoral chain of office.
John Mac's Summer 2020 Lockdown Project
Calendar 01
Wesley Square 1984 Calendar
Courtesy of the Jennifer J. Archive
Calendar 02 Calendar 02
Calendar 02 Calendar 02
Calendar 02 Calendar 02
Open Garden Squares 2018
Open Garden Squares
Taken by Anna G. 10th June 2018
Open Garden Squares
Taken by Jennifer J. 19th June 2016
Zen comes to Wesley Square
Taken by John M. 12th November 2015
More Zen
Taken by Carlos L. Autumn 2016
Brighter Kensington & Chelsea Award 19th December 2014
Wesley Square - 2nd prize Garden Squares North
Joanna C & Judith B receiving award from Mayor of RBKC on behlaf of garden team.
Taken by Carlos L. 2011 - 2013
Annual Garden Party - 13th September 2014
Photos courtesy of Jen. J.
(Contact John Mac if you want a larger version).
Wesley Square Garden has won first prize in the category Garden Squares (North) as part of the Brighter Kensington and Chelsea scheme. In doing so we beat all the magnificent garden squares of Notting Hill.

Reg Groves, who has looked after the garden for over 30 years, with the magnificent trophy.
Taken by Jen J on 27th May 2013.
Sunrise with crescent moon and vapour trails
Taken by Joanna C on 8th January 2013.
Award ceremony with Councillor Christopher Buckmaster, Mayor of RBKC.
Cat N. in Holly Bush
Taken by John M on 5th November 2012
Annual Garden Party - 8th September 2012
Photographs courtesy of the Deputy Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea,
Cllr the Lady Borwick
(Contact John Mac if you want a larger version).
Taken by John M. on 16th April 2012

Judith B. dedicating the award to Carl Cheek
who sadly passed away on 10th November.

  Wesley Square Residents' Association presented with
Gold Standard 2011 Award for Excellence by RBKC.
(Email John Mac for a large format image)

Mayor of RBKC Cllr. James Husband presenting 3rd prize in
Garden Squares (Northern) category
2010 Brighter Kensington & Chelsea Awards Ceremony.
Venus and Jupiter over Wesley Square 14th March 2012.
Taken by John M.

Taken by John M. on 3rd November 2010.

Taken by Joanna C. on 23rd May 2010.  
Taken by David R. (SAS) January 1979.
Taken by Eva B. on 18th April 2009.
Taken by Denise H. on 19th April 2009.   Taken by Joanna C. on 8th May 2009.
Taken by Joanna C. on 8th May 2009.
Taken by Chris B. on 2nd February 2009.
During construction in 1978/79. Courtesy of Sir Terry Farrell.