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The Management Committee
Maunsel Fourth (see legal page) manages Wesley Square on behalf of the shareholders by means of a voluntary Management Committee of 7-15 of the shareholders. One third are are elected at each AGM and up to five others are co-opted by the Committee. (See Rules 32-38).
The Committee has the right to make reasonable rules, which are binding on co-owners and tenants.

An annual meeting of shareholders is held during the first quarter of the year. It elects a Management Committee; receives an annual report and accounts; deals with its formal business, and provides an opportunity for matters of general business to be discussed by co-owners.
Residents who are not shareholders can attend and can join in the discussion. Shareholders can vote (one vote per share) in person or by proxy. (See Rules 20-31).

Managing Agent
The Managing Agent appointed by the Committee carries out day to day tasks and sees to the maintenance of the Square:
  JMW Barnard Management Ltd Tel: 020 7938 3910
  17 Abingdon Road Fax: 020 7937 6517
  London W8 6AH
  Property Managers: Chris Ogden-Newton
Marie Travers
    Mona Hickey
  Repairs reporting: Mona Hickey
  Accounts queries: Angela Mitchell
    Jan Ford
Issues which may need to be brought to the Committee such as sub-tenancies and structural alterations, must be made in writing, by email or letter, to the Managing Agent.
What is done for co-owners
Maunsel Fourth, as landlord, provides amongst other things:
  The maintenance of the structure. This includes the external and load-bearing walls, the roof, the gutters, external pipes and windows (in the roof).   
Outside painting as often as necessary.   
Care of common staircases and hallways to flats.   
Maintenance of fences, except those between private back gardens.   
Lighting in the Square and on common staircases.   
Care of the garden.   
Parking spaces as far as possible.
Note: Maunsel Fourth is not responsible for the maintenance of drains, pipes, electric cables etc. which exclusively serve one property.
Maunsel Fourth insures the building. You need your own contents insurance.
Members of the Committee are covered by a Director's liability policy.
Service Charge and Ground Rent
The monthly Service Charge has been set at £150 / month from 1st April 2014 and is reviewed annually. The Ground Rent is £100 p.a. payable on 1st October each year.
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